4 surefire ways to ensure a second curvy date


Online BBW dating has made it easier to find a date than it was a decade ago. By choosing your partner based on their profile picture, resume and qualities and making them a good fit for you from the start, you are more likely to be lucky in love. Arranging a first date is relatively easy, and it's a fun and informal way to get to know the people you meet online. But the real secret to a successful date is to keep the second date safe, and FreeAndSingle has some curvy dating tips to share with you:

1.Show real interest

There's nothing worse than hearing someone talk about themselves on the first chubby date. Sure, your curvy date wants to get to know you, but leave it up to them to discover more and focus on asking a few questions. If you think the other person is really interested in you, you'll feel honored and it's an easy way to get a second plus size date.

2.Don't be too sensitive

You can be sure you've found the one, but don't jump to the conclusion that they feel as strongly as you do. The first date is a great opportunity to get to know your future partner and see how you're getting along, but many men and women hesitate after the first date. If you seem too pushy or enthusiastic, you may push your partner in the wrong direction, so it's advisable to stay calm on a second date so as not to scare them off.

3.Make a plan for the first date

Even if your BBW date is well-intentioned, reality will soon take the place of plus size dating and love life when work and other responsibilities beckon. Suggesting the second chubby date the first will not only let you know where you stand - most people will avoid this question or politely tell you that they are not interested, but also put the spirit in their diary to learn more about you at the time.

4.Come up with good ideas

Do you like watching movies, too? Great, we should go sometime, even next week! If you really want to see this person again, use talking points to come up with interesting ideas that you can do together next time. Not only will it let them know that you have a lot in common (if you give them a chance, they'll have a lot of fun with you!) "Will also give you a refreshing change from dining out, making the prospect of a second fat date even more exciting.